david glock.




SHAREY - What if there are flatrates for everythin?

with Jonas Roßner
6th Semester (2018)
in the course critical design by Maik Groß and Paul Kaeppler

Sharey is the name of a company in the Future. In this future people do not have any private possession. Everything the people need to live, they get through flat rates. The flat rate can be booked at public stations from Sharey.

The Scenario

Today it is possible to get almost everything from food to technology within a flat. One of the most popular examples is music streaming. Almost everybody uses it. We developed a scenario of the future in which people obtain everything they need or want through a flat rate. Do you want to eat healthy food? Then get the Whole Foods flat rate. You do not spend much time at home? Then the standard housing flat is enough. To pay for those monthly flat rates everyone gets an unconditional basic income that pays for the essentials. If someone wants a more luxurious lifestyle everyone is allowed to save up money or get a job some earn some extra money.

The Prototyp

We built the machine which the people use to book their monthly flat rates. To set the mood we designed two posters that advertise some of the flat rates which are obtainable at the machine. The touch interface and the advertisements are all designed in a retro-futurist style. We built the casing for the screen and the technology that drives it out of plywood. Users of the prototype get a receipt after they selected their flat rates and pressed the submit button. To accomplish all of that we programmed the Interface with HTML, CSS, and javascript. To print the receipt it was necessary to send the data from the interface over a Chrome extension named WebUSB to an Arduino Board. Afterward, the data gets formatted and styled via a script on the Arduino. Then the Arduino sends the now styled data to our thermal printer and the user gets his printed receipt.