david glock.




PORTFOLIO - Wanna know what I thought when I designed that portfolio?

7th Semester (2019)
in my free time supervised by Me

Before I created this portfolio I already had another working portfolio with which I applied for my internship semester. I could have continued to use this portfolio or simply modified it a bit, but that would have been a cheap solution. Since I coded this previous Version, my understanding of design and the demands I place on myself have increased considerably. So I designed and coded a new one.


The design of the portfolio should primarily reflect my ideas and preferences. However, it was also important to me that it was modular enough to display many different types of content without getting boring. Furthermore, it should also be eye-catching enough to remain in memory. First I went through all the possible contents and sorted them out. After I knew what to add to the portfolio, I started building a design from scratch.


The entire website is based on three grids. One for the main page, one for the content, and one for the mobile version. The content grid is designed so that horizontal and vertical content can easily be placed either below or next to each other. This means I'm not limited to the type of content I can use. Since many of my designed interfaces have a bright background color, each element has a frame. This frame not only serves as a design feature for recognition but also fulfills a practical purpose. This combination of aesthetics and function also reflects my approach to design.


For the implementation, I could have used a CMS. However, these often restrict you. Writing a website yourself may take longer than using a template, but the result is exactly what you`ve imagined. I've programmed websites before, although I'm by far not a professional, I'm good enough for this kind of coding and I could always get a little help from Google. In the course of the implementation, I was able to learn a lot and had fun solving new problems that arose in my code.