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OPAC STUTTGART - Redesign of an online Catalogue

with Kai Wanschura and Kai Magnus Müller
3th Semester (2016/2017)
in the course Application Design by Jürgen Graef

Opening the online catalog of the Library of Stuttgart from early 2017 can be a frustrating experience. The search mechanisms are of little intelligence, the content is badly structured and there is no possibility to browse for books,

films or other media without exactly knowing what to search for. Because of these and some other issues, the website is unsatisfying to use. Our goal was to redesign the site to make it more intuitive, enjoyable and intelligent.


The overall design language of the website is based on the interior design of the Library of Stuttgart. We used the same color scheme, focused on clean lines and tried to imitate the lighting and the floors of the building with drop shadows.

Discover Search Content Remember Preorder

On the Landing Page are a lot of suggestions. There are top lists and recommendations, so the user can comfortably browse for media without knowing exactly what he wants to find. When he is logged in, he will get personalized suggestions. We focused on making the content enjoyable, which means showing only the relevant information. By structuring it we made it as appealing and enjoyable as possible.

To make the search more efficient we added smart suggestions to the search and implemented a filter- and sorting system, so the user will find the media faster and easier. It also enables the user to search for categories or topics only, which leads him to media he might be interested in.

The content of the elements got restructured to make it more enjoyable to read. There is also some new information, like a preview of the medium and suggestions for related media, to support the user on his or her search.

To remember things you liked but could not borrow there is a feature to add them to your wishlist. We also restructured the pre-order process to be easier to understand. Now there is also the possibility to see your borrowed media and get all the important information related to it with one look.

To Preorder, the user has to log in with his account. Afterward, he sees in which branch of the library the desired medium is available. To proceed he chooses one of the branches. The user then receives a summary of the booking which he can now confirm. The medium is added to the list of borrowed media.

Full Dokumentation

* Dokumentation is written in german